Anti Settlement Solidification of Pipe Gallery and Ditch

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

The soil stabilization system uses the mixing head to directly act the soil curing agent on the soft soil to solidify it in situ to form a composite stable base. The system is suitable for the solidification of shallow soft soil on the surface, with a maximum solidification depth of 10 meters. The solidified base has good bearing capacity and can be used for construction by heavy machinery without subsidence risk.
Taking the elevated construction project near the Ningbo Olympic Sports Center as an example, the construction party used the soil stabilization system of Yichen Environment to solidify the pavement around the elevated column with a solidification depth of 1 meter. The curing agent used by Yichen is different from the traditional cement curing agent. After professional analysis, the ingredients are optimized, and the addition of fly ash, lime and other ingredients, the curing effect is greatly improved, and the curing time is greatly shortened. After anti settlement solidification of pipe gallery and ditch, the probability of uneven settlement of the road surface is much smaller here.

Yichen is a soil stabilization system supplier. Soil stabilization system can be used for soft base solidification, silt solidification and anti settlement solidification of pipe gallery and ditch. The solidified foundation can be used for heavy construction vehicles and as a filler material. Yichen soil stabilization system allows in situ solidification of the construction target, which can increase the customer’s profit.

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