Application of Rock Saw in Tunnel Excavation

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

Application of Rock Saw in Tunnel Excavation

How to deal with the hard face during tunneling? Taking Wuyanshan Tunnel in Ninghai as an example, the surrounding rock of the tunnel is medium-weathered granite, and it is a medium-short-distance tunnel. The construction team uses a combination of rock saws and breakers to carry out operations. The specific method is to install Yichen YS-20SS rock saws on Liugong 920 excavators, cut longitudinally on the face every 50 cm, and then use the hydraulic breaker breaks the rock. The excavation efficiency is as high as 4-5m/d. This tunneling speed seems to be relatively low compared to ordinary tunnels, but it is still the most efficient and technical excavation method in field tests. Therefore, this new tunnel excavation method can be tried and applied in similar medium and short-distance hard rock tunnel excavation.

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