Agriculture and Forestry

Augers are widely used in agriculture and forestry construction. Especially in the construction of plantations, augers can help drill holes for tree planting. The auger tree planting method not only saves time and effort in tree planting, but also saves the cost of tree planting, but also reduces the disturbance to the surface and improves the survival rate of saplings.

Yichen integrates technology research and development, manufacturing, construction guidance, and after-sales service. The company’s products are all excavator attachments, including rock saws, drum cutters and so on. In addition, Yichen also has soft soil in-situ solidification technology, and its soil stabilization system has participated in multiple silt solidification projects.

Afforestation by Auger

Afforestation by Auger

Yichen is an auger and auger drive supplier. Yichen auger drive is a drilling device designed for excavator or skid steer loader hydraulic system. Yichen

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