Compost and Earthwork

Screening buckets are widely used in compost and earthwork. In the composting process, the screening bucket is responsible for crushing the raw materials, so as to increase the contact area and facilitate decomposition. After the raw materials are processed, they are then shoveled into the bucket by the screening bucket, fully mixed, and processed into a pile. In earthworks, the screening bucket plays the role of separating soil and stone, and at the same time breaking the stone into fine crushed stone. The all-in-one feature of the screening bucket allows it to perform well in composting and earthmoving.

Yichen Company has rich experience in equipment research and development and manufacturing. Its products include infrastructure engineering equipment – rock saws, drum cutters, augers, soil treatment equipment – soil stabilization systems, screening buckets, and crusher buckets. Products are widely used in highways, airports, tunnels and other fields, providing strong guarantee for urban construction.

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