Remediation of Contaminated Soil

The soil stabilization system has two core functions, one is solidification of soft soil and the other is remediation of contaminated soil. The soil remediation effect of the system is reflected in restoring the activity of the soil, neutralizing the harmful substances in the soil, and achieving sustainable development. Yichen’s soil stabilization system can work 10 meters deep into the surface of the soil, inject the remediation agent into the contaminated soil, and evenly mix the remediation agent and the contaminated soil through the full mixing of the power mixer. Restore the health and vitality of the soil.

The choice of what kind of repair agent is the focus of the entire construction process. By changing the raw materials and ratio of adding appropriate remediation materials according to the soil pollution, the soil pollution properties can be changed, and the soil remediated by soil stabilization system can be used to grow crops. Common remediation scenarios include: soil acid-base neutralization, soil heavy metal pollution remediation, etc.

Yichen is a high-end equipment manufacturer in China, and its production technology is ahead of the industry level. It has a total of 6 product lines, including augers, drum cutters, crusher buckets, screening buckets, rock saws and soil stabilization systems. These products are widely used in urban construction.

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