Solidification of Soft Soil

Soft soil refers to clay in soft plastic and fluid plastic state with high natural water content, high compressibility, low bearing capacity and low shear strength. In modern society, many construction projects are carried out on soft soils such as tidal flats and silt. The nature of the soft soil determines that the construction team cannot directly carry out construction on it. The soft soil must be solidified first to form a stable base with a certain bearing capacity. The soil stabilization system plays the role of solidification of soft soil, using the solidifier to bond with the soil, thereby enhancing the strength of the soil.

The soil stabilization system can be used to build roads and build foundations. The road base is deformed and settled. After the surface layer is excavated, the soft soil about 1 meter deep is solidified to ensure the stability of the roadbed. The system can also be used for swamp solidification, without the need to excavate and transport and refill the mud, and directly solidify the mud on the spot to realize the waste utilization of the mud. In addition, the system can also be used for river silt solidification, bridge foundation solidification, and anti-settlement solidification of pavement under elevated roads.

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