Utility Work

The coverage of public utilities is very wide, ranging from the construction of flower beds beside the road in the city to the construction of urban roads and bridges. The construction of utility work is closely related to people’s life experience. As a manufacturer of machinery and equipment, Yichen’s drum cutters and augers have participated in several municipal projects. The drum cutter is often used in the demolition of cement pavement and the excavation of pipeline trenches, while the auger is often used in the construction of bridge foundation piles and street lamps.

Yichen’s products also include rock saws, crusher buckets, screening buckets and soil stabilization systems. These products are used in various construction scenarios to solve construction problems for customers.

Yichen in Utility work

Utility work generally refers to the design and construction of various public infrastructure supporting urban life, such as common urban roads, bridges, subways, underground pipelines,

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