Compost and Earthwork by Screening Bucket

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

The following video is the introduction compost and earthwork by screening bucket.
Composting is a biochemical process that uses microorganisms such as bacteria, actinomycetes, and fungi that are widely distributed in nature to control the transformation of biodegradable organic matter into stable humus under certain artificial conditions. a fermentation process. In order to accelerate the decomposition, before composting, it is necessary to use a sieving bucket to sieve the raw materials to remove debris such as broken glass, stones, and tiles. The remaining material is then crushed to increase the contact area and facilitate decomposition.

Earthwork is one of the main types of work in construction, including all earth (stone) excavation, filling, transportation, drainage, precipitation and so on. The amount of earthwork is large, the construction conditions are complex, and it is greatly affected by geological, hydrological, meteorological and other conditions. The screening bucket can crush the stones on the spot to form fine crushed stones, which can be directly backfilled, which simplifies the difficulty of earthwork.

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