Construction Soil Fine Sifting by Screening Bucket

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

The large amount of engineering muck produced and the low comprehensive utilization rate have become an important environmental problem to be solved urgently in the process of urban development. Resource utilization is the future development trend. It is the direction of Yichen Environment’s efforts to explore more recycling and disposal modes of construction waste and provide systematic and feasible solutions for recycling.
Construction Soil Fine Sifting by Screening Bucket is a successful attempt. First, the screening bucket will screen the construction waste to separate the muck and stones. Then, by crushing the stone, it is processed into particles with smaller particle size. Finally, the screening bucket mixes the slag with cement and other additives to form a controllable low-strength material for backfilling of the foundation pit.

This brand-new dregs recycling technology, referred to as CLSM, is a material with high fluidity, strong self-compactness and high early strength by adding cement and other admixtures to construction dregs. It can be poured by pumping and can be very It can effectively solve the problem that it is difficult to backfill and compact the narrow spaces such as foundation pits and trenches, and reduce the amount of muck disposal. Compared with conventional backfill materials such as medium-coarse sand and foam soil, it has great technical and economic advantages and social benefits. Significantly.

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