There is a huge amount of construction waste, if this part of the waste can be recycled, the current situation of resource shortage can be alleviated. Crushed cement stones by crusher bucket is an effective way to turn construction waste into treasure. Yichen Crusher Bucket is a crushing multi-purpose bucket installed on excavators, known for its sturdy and durable construction. Suitable for granular processing of natural stone and in-situ crushing of other inert materials. It has the characteristics of small size, easy transportation, compact bucket shape, multi-functional composite and so on. Maximize the use of the power source of the excavator hydraulic system, improve the efficiency of production operations and greatly reduce operating costs.
The core device of the crusher bucket is the jaw plate in the bucket, and the thickness of the jaw plate directly determines the crushing effect. The crusher bucket is usually installed on the hydraulic excavator, and the construction party directly drives the excavator to the construction site to crush the construction waste on site. The crushed material can be directly used for backfilling, or transported to a stone plant for recycling. The crushing efficiency of Yichen crusher bucket is related to the particle size of the material after crushing. The smaller the particle size, the longer it takes to crush, but the crushing effect also becomes better.

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