Crusher bucket efficiently and economically breaks reefs

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

In Huludao, Liaoning, a customer needs to transport a large number of reefs piled up next to the port of Suizhong Port by ship. However, there are huge problems in reality. One is that the reefs are too large to be transported to the ship by quay cranes, so they need to be broken up. Second, there are many reefs, so it is necessary to find a suitable crushing equipment for on-site crushing.
The customer chooses Yichen YC-20 crusher bucket for on-site crushing operations. The crusher bucket is installed on the Lovol 260 excavator, which is perfectly suitable for the excavator. The operator controls the excavator, shovels the reef into the crusher bucket, and easily breaks the reef into small stones no larger than 15 cm. According to on-site calculations, the crushing capacity per hour reaches 15 cubic meters, and the crushing efficiency is very impressive. These small stones are then loaded into ships and transported to their destinations, and the whole process is very efficient.

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