The Yichen Drum Cutter Can Easily Dig High-hardness Saline-alkali Soil

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

In Hami City, Xinjiang China, there is a Gobi area. There are cables laid under the stratum in this area, and the construction personnel need to repair the cables underneath. The maintenance needs to break the soil layer, but the environment here is very harsh, and it has been in a drought for a long time. The soil of saline-alkali soil is relatively hard, and conventional buckets and breakers cannot handle it. It is extremely difficult to construct trenches here.

At this time, the difficult problem in front of the construction team is, what kind of equipment to choose to dig the saline-alkali land? In the process of looking for suitable equipment, Yichen drum cutter came into their sight. The excavator drum cutter is a powerful excavator milling attachment. The cutter teeth collide with the construction surface and cut the clods and rocks like sharp claws, so as to realize the function of milling and digging. At the construction site, a YF-20RW drum cutter was installed on the XCMG XE270DK excavator, which easily realized the efficient milling and excavation of saline-alkali soil, and solved the problem that conventional equipment could not be constructed.

In fact, the application of drum cutter is very extensive. It can not only be used for tunnel, roadway excavation, but also for the construction of walls, roofs, corners, contours, trenches, etc. The drum cutter has a good performance in road engineering, water conservancy engineering and municipal engineering, and is a very commonly used equipment in modern construction.

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