Do You Know Helical Piles?A Few Steel Pipes Can Support A House!

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

A helical pile is a structural foundation that is designed to bear the weight of a building so that it does not sag. Helical piles are widely used, especially in residential and commercial applications, such as sealing cracked walls, providing a solid and stable platform for industrial-grade towers, supporting boardwalks in dry or wet areas, providing deep foundation piers for new construction, and supporting existing building.

So everyone must be very confused. Generally speaking, helical piles are actually a kind of pile foundation structure, which can replace cement piles such as prefabricated piles and cast-in-place piles to support buildings. For example, in some soft soil areas, some houses have cracked walls due to subsidence of the foundation. At this time, helical piles can be used to improve the subsidence.

First of all, we need to understand why the foundation sinks? This is because the foundation load-bearing layer has changed. The reason for this change is generally due to poor soil compaction and excessive water soaking in the load-bearing soil before the foundation of the house is built. To solve this problem, we can consider from two time periods. One is to solidify the foundation before building the house to improve its bearing capacity; the other is to use helical piles to re-support the sinking house after the house is built and has already subsided.

Here, we mainly consider the second case – the repair of the cracking of the subsidence wall of the house. The equipment we use is the Yichen helical pile information construction system, which consists of a driving head and a screw pile. A verticality monitor and a torque monitor are installed on the drive head, which are respectively used to ensure that the helical pile is screwed into the soil vertically and that it has sufficient supporting force.

The construction system is installed on the excavator and uses the hydraulic system of the excavator to provide power to screw the helical piles into the soil. During the construction process, the torque and verticality information generated by the rotation can be transmitted to the monitoring system in the cockpit through wireless signals, so that the operator can monitor the verticality of the helical pile installation and the compliance of the bearing capacity at any time.
When the helical pile is drilled to the load-bearing layer, the monitoring system shows that the torque reaches the standard. At this time, the pile cap can be put on, the jack can be connected, and the sinking foundation can be lifted to the designated position and fixed. Finally, the jack was removed, the construction was completed, and the sunken foundation was perfectly repaired. This system equipment replaces concrete piles, does not require complex mechanical equipment, and can reduce construction costs.

So how many years can a screwed-in helical pile last? Will it be corroded quickly? This worry is completely unnecessary. First of all, the helical pile is screwed into the soil and is in close contact with the soil. There is very little air in between. Without oxygen, the iron will not be oxidized, and the natural loss is very low. Secondly, the helical pile designed by Yichen Company adopts the hot-dip galvanizing process, which has very good corrosion resistance. After 75 years of underground use, it still has good performance.

In fact, in many construction projects, for buildings with weak foundations, excessive building loads, seismic shock absorption requirements, or buildings such as chimneys, transmission towers, etc. that need to withstand large uplift forces and horizontal forces, the pile foundation can be very Good to improve the foundation strength of buildings. After a century of development, the helical pile technology has now become a mature and easy-to-operate pile foundation construction scheme, which provides long-term stable support for buildings by borrowing from the supporting soil layer.

YICHEN is a manufacturer for Helical Pile, Helical Piers, and Helical Anchors. With our superior patented Inertia Welding Technology, we provide the strongest piles in the industry. We have more than 12 years of experience in Soil Stabilization and Earth Foundation Repair Systems.

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