Excavator Rock Saw Excels At Sawing Limestone Due To Their Flexibility

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

Circular stone sawing machine is one of the main processing equipment in the stone industry. It is mainly used for rough processing of stone products, such as cutting boards, processing rough blocks, etc. At present, the existing circular stone saw machine generally includes a body, a saw blade arranged on the body, and a saw blade driving device, which are generally unilateral and single. Before cutting, a guide rail is provided under the circular saw. When cutting, the drive device drives the saw blade to rotate, and the entire circular stone saw machine cuts while traveling on the previously laid guide rails.

However, at a quarry in Changle, Guilin, Guangxi, due to the slope of the ground, it is in a state of inclination, so it is inconvenient to lay tracks. At this time, Boss Xu of the quarry set his sights on the excavator rock saw, which is installed on the excavator, which greatly improves the mobility compared with the track saw, which is suitable for the current working conditions. Therefore, Boss Xu chose Yichen YS-20SS rock saw and installed it on VOLVO270 excavator for limestone mining.

A saw blade with a diameter of 2.6 meters is worn on the hydraulic rock saw. When the cutting depth is 1.1 meters, the daily quarrying volume can reach about 100 cubic meters, and the cutting speed is 15 meters to 20 meters per hour. The current price of limestone in the market is 800-1200RMB per cubic meter. At this current mining speed, the daily sales volume reaches about 10RMB. Boss Xu is full of praise for the mining speed.

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