Hangzhou Bay Beach Solidification

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

Yichen is a soil stabilization system supplier. Yichen Soil Stabilization System designed for solidifying of soft soil such as sludge, to form a stable and firm foundation in suit for subsequent construction need. The working depth can reach to 10 meters underground. Yichen Soil Stabilization System applies advanced liquid solidifying agent instead of power solidifying agent, so that the construction process becomes more environmentally friendly. Hangzhou bay beach solidification is an excellent case.

Hangzhou Bay Beach Solidification is one of the excellent examples of soil stabilization system involved in solidification. Soil stabilization system is a new construction scheme that uses soil curing agent to directly act on soft soil to solidify the soft soil in situ to form a composite stable base . The new base layer formed after curing is a semi-rigid stabilized soil material formed by uniformly stirring the new engineering material soil solidifier and inorganic binder with soft soil.
The construction area of Hangzhou Bay Expressway is located in the tidal flat, and the soil is soft and cannot guarantee the construction of heavy equipment such as excavators. The surrounding tidal flat needs to be cured to ensure the subsequent highway construction. The total construction volume of the project is 400,000 cubic meters, using 9 sets of soil stabilization system, 18 power mixers, and the length of the power mixer is 4 meters.

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