Helical piles help the foundation construction of high-voltage electric towers

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

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The emergence of helical piles makes the foundation construction of high-voltage electric towers efficient and simple. Simply install the drive head on the excavator and use hydraulic power to drive the helical pile into the ground. After the pile reaches the bearing layer, it has a certain bearing capacity. Several helical piles are connected together through caps to form a high-voltage tower foundation, on which the high-voltage tower is installed. Compared with traditional concrete pouring piles, helical piles can bear loads immediately after construction, and have the characteristics of large pile bearing capacity, high mechanical degree, rapid construction, corrosion resistance, and high cost performance, which can perfectly replace concrete pile foundations.

Helical piles help the foundation construction of high-voltage electric towers

The helical pile information installation system includes a verticality monitor and a torque monitor to help operators improve their construction situation awareness and help them make accurate judgments to ensure that the verticality of the helical pile installation and the bearing capacity meet the standards. The whole pile adopts hot-dip galvanizing process, and it still has good performance even after 75 years of underground use.

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