How Does a Crusher Bucket Operate? What is the Minimum Particle Size it can Shatter?

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

Yichen Crusher Bucket is a specialized form of mobile crushing unit, where the jaw plates are the central component responsible for its crushing function. The crusher bucket utilizes two jaw plates that compress the stones, facilitating its crushing purpose. The size of the discharge particle can be adjusted, and three variants of jaw plates are provided by the company, the standard, fine, and ultra-fine types. The standard type has a tooth pitch of 30mm, while the fine and ultra-fine variants offer 20mm and 10mm tooth pitch respectively. This extensive variety of jaws ensures that customers’ crushing requirements are satisfied.

Unlike traditional crushing units, Yichen Crusher Bucket is designed in a bucket shape and is installed on an excavator. This unique design allows the crusher bucket to harness the hydraulic power of the excavator. While the majority of the crushing units run on electricity, Yichen Crusher Bucket provides a flexible option in situations where it is challenging to establish an electric circuit. The crusher bucket resolves the local crushing problems by leveraging the excavator’s hydraulic power.

In the past, many customers have used the ultra-fine jaw variant to crush pebbles. Despite the high hardness of the pebbles, the crusher bucket can crush them into tiny particles comparable to fine sand. This exemplifies the high crushing capability of the crusher bucket, where the resulting crushed particles consistently satisfy the customer’s expectations.

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