Open Pit Coal Mining by Drum Cutter

open pit coal mining by drum cutter
Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

As a common equipment in modern construction, the drum cutter is loved by many customers because of its simple operation, wide range of use scenarios and excellent milling and excavation effect.  A common application in construction is open pit coal mining by drum cutter, and drum cutter’s appearance makes the coal mining work simple and safe.
As early as November 2010, our company’s drum cutters began to be applied to coal mining. The open-pit coal mine at that time was located in Inner Mongolia. In the deep pit of the open-pit coal mine 60 meters below the surface, the temperature was -40 degrees, and all the coal seams and soil layers were frozen and frozen, and the mining environment was very difficult. It is difficult for traditional coal mining methods to cope with such conditions, so Mr. Ni chose the YF- 30RW model of drum cutter for the operation.

Mr. Ni chose a Volvo 360 excavator equipped with Yichen YF-30RW drum cutter for coal mining. The coal mining effect was amazing, reaching 40 tons per hour. At that time, the coal price was 700 yuan/ton. Mr. Ni said with a smile: “I earned the money from your machine in 2 days.” Open Pit Coal Mining by Drum make the construction less difficult and make customers full of praise.

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