Pile foundation for self-built houses, auger is the first choice for construction

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Allen Hu
Allen Hu

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Self-built houses are very common in rural areas, and most of the houses of the villagers are constructed by their own construction teams. In the process of building a house, the construction of the pile foundation is particularly important, which can ensure that the house is firmly erected on the ground and ensure the safety of the house. The selection of pile foundations has certain considerations, and soil conditions, building structure type, building weight and load, construction difficulty and cost need to be considered. Villagers need to comprehensively consider the above factors to choose the appropriate pile foundation construction method.

Common types of pile foundations include cast-in-place concrete piles, steel pipe piles (also known as screw piles), prefabricated piles, and micropiles. When building a pile foundation, it is necessary to select the appropriate pile foundation type according to the specific situation to ensure the safety and stability of the building. Cast-in-situ piles are suitable for buildings with large bearing capacity and complex soil conditions. The construction is not difficult and the cost is relatively controllable. It is also the most commonly used method of pile foundation construction for self-built houses, and the technology is very mature.

The construction of cast-in-situ piles needs to pay attention to the following steps. First of all, before construction, soil survey should be carried out to determine the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation, and determine the number and location of pile foundations. If the foundation stability is not enough, foundation reinforcement treatment is required. Then came the piling operation. The equipment needed at this time is an excavator auger, which is used to drill holes at predetermined pile foundation positions. The drilling depth is generally one to five meters, and the diameter is about 50 cm to 80 cm. After the drilling is completed, put the tied steel cage into it and pour the cement. After waiting for solidification, the pile head is broken, and then a ground beam is set at a certain height above the pile head to bear the load of the building structure. Next, a reinforced concrete ground beam of a certain thickness is poured at the position of the ground beam to connect the house structure with the pile foundation. So far, the pile foundation construction is completed, and the next step is to build the house.

This drilling method only needs to use an auger drill, which is very convenient and quick, and simplifies the difficulty of concrete pouring pile construction. Moreover, it is low in cost, efficient and fast, and is a good choice for modern house construction.

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