Power Mixer

Soil Stabilization System Power Mixer is used for solidification of soft soil and the remediation of contaminated soil.

The power mixer is the execution device of the Soil Stabilization System, which is divided into Y-shaped mixer and T-shaped mixer, it realizes the mixing and stirring of soil stabilizer with the soil to form the stable base. The blades installed in the power mixer are divided into three types: standard, L-shaped and toothed. Standard blades are used for soft mud, L-shaped blades are used for silt, and toothed blades are used for sand and hard soil.

Technical Parameter

Soil Stabilization System Power Mixer
Item Model Unit
YM-VF200 YM-VF300 YM-TF200 YM-TF300
Excavator 20-36 25-40 20-30 30-40 ton
Mixing Width 1280 1280 880 880 mm
Mixing Depth 0-10 0-11 0-7 0-10 m
Mixer Extensions 2-5 2-6 2-5 2-6 m
Total Power 160 210 125 210 kw
Rotation Feedback yes yes yes yes
Weight 2300 2600 2300 2500 kg
Oil Flow 200-350 250-400 200-300 250-400 lpm
Oil Pressure 180-350 180-350 180-300 180-350 bar


  • Reduce the amount of commonly used materials such as gravel and crushed stone, thereby reducing project costs and saving resources and energy.
  • Solve the problems of soft soil mining, transportation and stacking, avoid secondary pollution, and contribute to environmental protection.
  • The system adopts computer fully automatic control, automatic deployment and delivery of soil stabilizer, one-button start and stop, simple operation.
  • The stabilization period is short, and a stable base can be formed 3-5 hours after mixing, which is convenient for later construction.
  • The stabilization effect is excellent, and the new stable base layer formed after stabilization has a certain bearing capacity without the risk of subsidence.
  • GPS positioning throughout the construction process, accurately locate the location of the excavator, and monitor the progress of the project.
  • Adopt green environment-friendly soil stabilizer to improve the ecological environment and reduce the harm of polluted soil to human health.


● Construction of roadbed: the settlement and deformation of the base layer of the highway, after excavating the surface layer, the soft mud of the foundation is hardened about 1 meter deep, so as to complete the repair of the roadbed.

● Site hardening: hardening treatment of parking lots, stockyards for material or goods, drilling well sites, production and processing plants, etc.

● Anti-sedimentation and solidification of pipe corridors and ditches: when the pipeline construction passes through the silt land, there is no need to excavate the silt out and transport it to elsewhere, just solidify and then excavate, finally backfill the solidified soil.

● Solidification of marshland: solidification of marshland to build constructable land, build large factories, no need to excavate and transport the sludge, just solidify and reuse sludge on site.

● River bed solidification: After solidifying the river bed silt, then leveled it to build a beautiful river.

● Bridge and tunnel: The surface foundation solidification of the bridge, and the tunnel sludge is solidified and then excavated as a filling material.

● Solidification in the landfill: The landfill has accumulated various corrosive substances such as sludge, oil and plastic for a long time, we can built a park on it after solidification and burying.

● Remediation and improvement of heavy metal contaminated soil: soil heavy metal stabilization, engineering remediation of contaminated soil, vegetation restoration, and reduction of the potential dangers of heavy metals in contaminated soil to the ecological environment and human health.

● Contaminated soil remediation and acid-base neutralization: soil heavy metal content exceeds the standard and is alkaline, and acid-base neutralization is carried out through our soil stabilization system equipment.



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