Crusher Bucket

Excavator rock crusher buckets for carriers of 39,700-119,000 lbs

excavator crusher

YICHEN crusher bucket is a multifunctional bucket installed on the excavator, which is famous for its sturdy and durable structure. It is suitable for granular processing of natural stone and on-site crushing of other inert materials.

It has the characteristics of small size, easy transportation, compact bucket, multi-functional composite and so on. The crusher bucket is driven by advanced hydraulic technology, which can maximize the use of the power source of the excavator’s hydraulic system, which improves the efficiency of production operations and greatly reduces operating costs.


资源 13


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Sand Production

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Yichen provides customized crusher bucket production services to meet customers’ construction needs.

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Perfect for excavators and skid loaders on-site crushing of inert materials , YICHEN crusher buckets is at competitive prices for sale.