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Excavator rock crusher buckets for carriers of 39,700-119,000 lbs

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YICHEN crusher bucket is a multifunctional bucket installed on the excavator, which is famous for its sturdy and durable structure. It is suitable for granular processing of natural stone and on-site crushing of other inert materials.

It has the characteristics of small size, easy transportation, compact bucket, multi-functional composite and so on. The crusher bucket is driven by advanced hydraulic technology, which can maximize the use of the power source of the excavator’s hydraulic system, which improves the efficiency of production operations and greatly reduces operating costs.


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Yichen provides customized crusher bucket production services to meet customers’ construction needs.

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Perfect for excavators and skid loaders on-site crushing of inert materials , YICHEN crusher buckets is at competitive prices for sale.

Suitable for excavator ≥7 ton

Suitable for excavator ≥20 ton

Suitable for excavator ≥30 ton

Suitable for excavator ≥40 ton

Make your construction easy

YICHEN Crusher attachments process inert material directly on the job site, allowing you to manage and recycle it on the spot.

Construction case

The YICHEN Crusher Bucket has many areas of applications: from building demolitions in general, to the requalification of former industrial and urban areas to the processing of excavation materials, from the earth movement sector to road works, from quarries to mines, from environmental reclamation to applications on rocky soil.

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From the equipment to the construction scheme, YICHEN makes crushing easier.


The range of YICHEN bucket crushers is the most equipped . Depending on the model it can be implemented with specific accessories to improve performance and productivity : QUICK COUPPLING , the IRON SEPARATOR for the separation of iron , and the DUST SUPPRESSOR , for the reduction of dust from originated by crushing.

Warranty: The housing of the machine, wearing part, bracket and hydraulic hose is no warranty, the rest of the machine has one year warranty.

They are belt driven. Better motor protection.

Yes, they have reverse rotation function. Prevent stuck.

Yes, the YC series crusher bucket has optional Iron Separator accessory.

Yes, they can, below is the river rock crushing video of YC series crusher bucket. 

NM360 high-strength wear-resistant alloy steel is used for all racks to ensure better wear resistance. NM360 is a kind of steel plate with performance benchmarking HARDOX, but its cost is lower, which can bring better cost performance to users. Jaws use High manganese steel.

Yes, YC series crusher bucket can output 10-120mm particles, and the opening size adjustment time is less than 10 minutes, by one people on the job site.

Accordion Content

Please find the attached “YC Series Crusher Bucket Output Capacities”.

It is different. YC series crusher bucket need the two-way action lines.

Bracket, hoses, output size adjustment tools are included in the price.

If you mean the Drain Line, yes, it needed. 

As I know the transmission structure of the direct shaft driven crusher bucket is that an radial piston motor is directly connected to an eccentric shaft, and then the eccentric shaft directly drives the jaw plate. This structure will lead to each impact force received by the jaw plate in the process of crushing will be transmitted to the motor without reservation, resulting in motor damage or reduced motor life. Especially when the jaw is stuck due to hard objects, it will cause great damage to the motor. The YC series crusher bucket of YICHEN has designed a belt between the motor and the eccentric shaft. In the daily work of the crusher bucket, the belt can be used as a buffer to absorb excess vibration. In extreme cases, the slipping of the belt can also protect the motor.

Yichen’s product line is very rich, including 6 major categories and more than 30 subcategories. Its drum cutter is widely used in tunnel construction, auger provides a new way for farm house piling, soil stabilization system helps to solidify soft foundation, rock saw’s cutting ability is very popular in quarries, and screening bucket is often used in construction Garbage collection processing.

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