Drum Cutter

Drum cutter attachments for excavator can be used for rock excavation, demolition, underground scaling, tunnel profiling, trenching and other applications.

drum cutter attachment for excavator

Yichen drum cutter series designed to accurately remove material from rock or concrete surfaces with low noise level and less vibration.
High torque hydraulic motor and optimized pick pattern for higher productivity. Extremely robust with low maintenance due to massive drive shaft bearing and heavy duty sealing system. Fast and easy exchange of wear parts reduces downtimes.

Drum cutter series Optional 360° Rotation: rotation of the cutter allows exact positioning in corners, on walls and other vertical surfaces for more accurate contouring. Small particles excavated by designed pick, can be directly used as filler. Strong housing design with wear resistant material for higher product service life.

Our excavator hydraulic rock grinder attachments are used for:

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Utility Work

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资源 5


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Structure Shaping

Yichen Rock cutting saws are widely used for mining rock, basalt, marble, quartz, and granite, and can be used for dry cutting of stone. 

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Excavator Drum Cutter Attachments Sizes & Specifications

For excavator 2.5-6ton

For excavator 8-15ton