Rock Saw

Hydraulic Diamond Saw Attachment for Demolition and Excavation Projects

rock cutting saw

Yichen Rock Saw series are equiped with diamond tipped blade for cutting sandstone, reinforced concrete, granite, limestone, hard limestone and even metal parts. 360° Rotating guard for easy maneuverability & maximum protection.

Our Rock Saw can work in two directions and has adjustable hydraulic brake system. Large power, high efficiency, easy installation, The rock saws can be installed directly to the excavator, water cooling can meet its cooling need.

Designed extensions allow you to cut along the wall.

What applications are Diamond Rock Saws best used for?

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Stone Production

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Metal cutting

Yichen Rock cutting saws are widely used for mining rock, basalt, marble, quartz, and granite, and can be used for dry cutting of stone. 

Explore our excavator rock saws

Our diamond saw attachments are available in six models of different sizes. Our saws can accommodate a variety of projects, depending on the size it is important to choose the right saw.

For excavator 5-10ton

For excavator 8-16ton

For excavator 15-25ton

For excavator 20-40ton

For excavator 20-36ton