Screening Bucket

Sort and separate rocks, crushed concrete and recycling material with speed and precision using our high-performance screening buckets.

excavator screening bucket

Yichen Screening Bucket series designed as versatile machine to meet various needs for excavator, loader and skid. Users can realize screening, crushing, mixing by changing the different shafts. The Screening Buckets series are use for screening compost and topsoil, sand, separating waste from soil, treatment of contaminated soil, backfill of screened find soil to pipeline project, asphalt recycling etc.

The screening bucket has two core functions:

  • One is the screening and crushing function: it can screen and crush the construction waste to separate the pure soil and cement stones.
  • The second is the solidifying and repairing function: based on the universally recognized solidifying and repairing technology,

What applications are Diamond Rock Saws best used for?

资源 17


资源 20

Compost and Earthwork

资源 8

Landscape construction

资源 21

Contaminated Soil Treatment

资源 22

Fine sifting

资源 23

Coal Processing

资源 25


Yichen Rock cutting saws are widely used for mining rock, basalt, marble, quartz, and granite, and can be used for dry cutting of stone. 

screening bucket for sale

Yichen Screening Bucket is suitable for universal auxiliary tools of loaders, excavators, mini excavators or skid steer loaders.
It can complete crushing, screening, aeration, mixing, stirring, separating, feeding and loadingmaterials in one step.

For excavator 8-15ton

For excavator 12-25ton

For excavator 20-30ton

For excavator 25-35ton

For excavator 30-40ton

Increase your project efficiency and keep your costs down

Our Screening and Mixing Bucket Attachment fits right on the end of your existing excavator equipment.