Slotting On Highway Slope by Drum Cutter

Slotting On Highway Slope by Drum Cutter
Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

Yichen is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Drum Cutters. Yichen Drum Cutter or rock cutter fit for excavators and skid steer loaders from 2.5 to 60 tons. The drum cutters designed for applications such as digging trenches for laying pipelines, cables or drainage, tunnel construction and excavation of concrete structures etc. Our product line has both transverse and axial drum cutters. Slotting On Highway Slope by Drum Cutter is very common in high-speed construction.

In the Fengshan section of Tianba Expressway in Hechi City, Guangxi Province, a Yichen YD-10RD Axial Drum Cutter is installed on a XCMG XE215 excavator, and is precisely grooving the slopes on both sides of the expressway. The area where Tianba Expressway passes is surrounded by mountains and rich in vegetation. There are a large number of deep-dug road cuttings and high-filled embankment slopes distributed along the whole line. In order to ensure the safety of road traffic, the side slopes beside the road are usually protected . The construction team will draw grid lines on the slope, and plan to slotting on highway slope by drum cutter.
When excavating the groove of the slope protection skeleton, in order to prevent the disturbance of the original soil of the slope, it is necessary to precisely groove the slope. The Axial Drum Cutter provided by Yichen Company is installed on the excavator and is being constructed on site. The equipment has little disturbance to the main body of the slope, and the milling and excavation lines are smooth. It is very suitable for precise construction, which can significantly improve the construction efficiency, avoid the occurrence of over-excavation and under -excavation, and provide a strong help for the construction of Tianba Expressway Project. .

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