The rock saw, also known as the circular saw, is composed of a synthetic diamond saw blade and a saw blade guard. It adopts the world’s most advanced hydraulic technology and imported high-quality motor and spring steel, which has great advantages in cutting bluestone , basalt, iron sandstone and other stones. Stone cutting by rock saw is a common situation in quarries.
In the quarry, large pieces of stone are difficult to transport and do not meet the standard of use, and require subsequent processing. Rock saws play a huge role at this point. It is installed on the excavator, and the excavator driver operates the saw Blade to rotate to cut large volumes of stone. In addition, when cutting, it is necessary to arrange for the staff to water the saw blade on the side to prevent the saw blade from overheating due to severe friction and affect the service life of the saw blade. Using this method of cutting, the efficiency is very high, and the cutting effect is also very good, creating huge profits for the stone factory.

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