Tunnel Construction Has Artifact, Safe, Reliable and Efficient

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

Tunnel construction has always been the peak of construction projects, and it is difficult to build. Before the 1960s, the combination of drilling and blasting was used in the construction of tunnels. The disadvantages of this method are very obvious, the blasting safety is unknown, a large amount of pollution is generated, and the blasting tunnel shape is irregular and can not be accurately controlled. After the 1960s, the mechanized construction level of tunnel has been greatly improved. The use of roadheader has completely changed the drilling and blasting mode of tunnel excavation. Nowadays, more excellent equipment is involved in tunnel engineering, and the drum cutter and rock saw products of Yichen environment have excellent performance in tunnel construction.

Tunnel Milling with Yichen Drum Cutter

The construction of the drum cutter is accurate and driven by hydraulic technology. The cutter teeth on the cutter drum collide with the construction surface and cut earth blocks and rocks like claws, providing a new and economic construction method for tunnel excavation. As early as October 2010, Yichen milling and excavating machine has been brilliant in tunnel engineering.

In Hutubi, Shaanxi, Mr. Li and his son contracted the project of excavating a 6-meter-high * 5-meter-wide tunnel. Mr. Li changed the boom of his Hitachi 200 excavator to a straight arm and installed the YF-20RW drum cutter in Yichen environment for tunnel excavation. In the case of sandstone, sedimentary rock and silty rock inside the tunnel, the driving speed of the drum cutter is about 10m every day, and the milling efficiency is very high. With the help of Yichen drum cutter, the project was completed in 40 days, greatly shortening the construction period.

Yichen Rock Saw can Easily Cope with Tunnel Face Cutting

During tunneling, very hard rock face is sometimes encountered. Due to the extremely high hardness, the use of drum cutter can not meet the operation requirements. At this time, rock saw will be selected for cutting. The rock saw is made of synthetic diamond material, which is enough to deal with hard rock. The method and depth of sawing shall be explored according to the specific conditions of the rock and the construction scheme shall be determined.

Taking Xiamen tunnel project in Fujian Province as an example, China Railway encountered a granite tunnel face during excavation, so the construction party installed a Yichen YS-20SS on a 20 ton excavator for cutting operation, and knocked it with a crushing hammer after cutting, so as to realize the excavation of hard rock face.

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