Unveiling the Performance of Screening Buckets in Soil Remediation – Are You Familiar?

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

The screening bucket is a soil treatment equipment with functions of screening, crushing, mixing, stabilizing and stirring. It has the characteristics of low investment cost, flexible and convenient use, and multi-functional composite. It is an efficient tool for soil remediation and has a wide range of applications.

The screening bucket is also called crushing screening bucket because it has the functions of crushing and screening at the same time. It is usually installed on general construction machinery (host), such as excavators, loaders, etc., and uses the hydraulic power of the host to operate. . The excavator driver controls the roller(crushing shaft, screening shaft, etc) of the bucket by operating the foot valve in the cab. The roller rotates in both forward and reverse directions to mix and stir the material in the bucket. The mixed material acts on the roller and the weight of the material. fall down, so as to achieve soil remediation. The loading process of the screening bucket is the same as that of the ordinary bucket. If the roller does not move, the material will not fall.

The processing process of the screening bucket:

  1. Use a screening bucket to process the polluted soil into strips;
  2. Add repairing agent or solidification agent or other additive materials in proportion to the pile;
  3. Crushing, stirring, mixing and aeration with a screening bucket;
  4. The soil treated by the screening bucket basically achieves the purpose of uniform mixing, and can be landfilled or reused.

There are many types of contaminated soils that can be treated by the screening bucket, mainly including the following. One is the site or contaminated soil containing harmful substances, the other is the contaminated soil left over from the industrial site (chemical, pesticide, heavy metal pollution), the third is the contaminated soil caused by the tailings slag produced in the mining or smelting process, and the fourth is the moisture content Relatively high pollution silt or sea mud, the fifth is the polluted garbage soil mixed with oily construction waste.

After the above popular science, do you know how the screening bucket handles soil problems?

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