What Is Soft Soil? Why Is It Necessary To Solidify Soft Soil?

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

Soft soil refers to soft plastic and fluid plastic clay with large natural water content, high compressibility, low bearing capacity and low shear strength. In modern society, many construction projects are carried out on soft soil such as beach, mud and so on. The nature of soft soil determines that the construction team cannot directly carry out construction on it. The soft soil must be solidified first to form a stable base with certain bearing capacity. The soil stabilization system plays the role of curing soft soil, and uses the cementation of curing agent and soil to enhance the strength of soil.
Soil stabilization system has rich application scenarios:

Road foundation construction:The road subbase is subject to settlement and deformation. After excavating the surface layer, the soft mud about 1m deep of the foundation shall be hardened.
Site hardening:Hardening treatment of parking lot, stockyard, cargo yard, drilling well pad, production and processing plant, etc.
Swamp solidification:The marshland is solidified to make land, and large factories are built. There is no need to excavate the sludge, transport and refill it, and solidify and utilize the sludge on site.
River bed solidification:After the river bed silt is solidified, it is graded and leveled to build a beautiful river.
Bridge tunnel:The surface foundation of the bridge is solidified, and the tunnel sludge is excavated as filling material after solidification.
Landfill solidification:All kinds of sludge, oil, plastics and other corrosive substances are accumulated in the landfill for a long time, solidified and buried, and then built a park.

Phase I Project of Tidal Flat Solidification of Dry Bulk Transportation Trestle Bridge

In October 2017, Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, during the construction of the bridge, the 7-meter-deep silt was solidified, and the entire solidified layer reached 7 meters. After the extension rod was installed, the stabilizer was stirred and transported in the control center. The daily workload is 800 cubic meters, and the solidified geology can contain 120 tons of large-scale equipment entering the site for construction.

The first phase project of in-situ solidification of soft soil on the beach of Hangzhou Bay Expressway

The construction area of the Hangzhou Bay Expressway is located in a mudflat, and the soil is soft. It is impossible to guarantee the construction of heavy equipment such as excavators. The surrounding mudflat must be solidified to ensure subsequent road construction. The total construction volume of the project is 400,000 cubic meters. It uses 9 sets of soil stabilization system equipment, 18 power mixers, and the length of the mixer is 4 meters.

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