Why Is The Drum Cutter A Precise Construction Equipment?

Allen Hu
Allen Hu

Sales Manager of YC Attachments and expert in excavator industry for over 15 years.

Drum cutters are not unfamiliar to those engaged in construction. However, many people actually have a very simple understanding of this equipment. They are at the stage when they know that it can be used in this working condition, but do not know why it is used. The advantages of the drum cutter are even less clear. In fact, the biggest advantage of this equipment is its precise construction.

Precise construction means that the drum cutter is a device that can deal with fine construction. What is refined construction is that during the construction process, we must try our best to avoid the occurrence of over-excavation and under-excavation. Having said so much, what kind of refined construction can the drum cutter participate in?
The first application scenario is the construction of large bridge pile foundations. Due to the huge weight of the bridge and the weight of the traffic that needs to be supported, the pile foundation of the bridge is usually a square pile with a very large cross-section. Among all the current equipment, there is no pile driver that can be integrally formed. At this point, you need to use a drum cutter to do the work. First, use rotary drilling rig, auger and other equipment to drill out irregular hole piles, then install the drum cutter on the telescopic arm, go deep into the hole, and mill and trim the hole wall, so that the square hole pile is completed.

The second application scenario is slope grooving. Along some roads, in order to prevent the soil layer of the slope from loosening and affecting the driving safety, the slope is usually protected. Mesh the slope first, and then use a drum cutter to make grooves along the mesh lines. The drum cutter used for grooving is a longitudinal drum cutter, which is small in size and suitable for very narrow grooves.

The third application is the finishing of walls. After some buildings are completed, such as the walls of tunnels, they are usually very uneven. At this time, a drum cutter is needed to trim the uneven walls for subsequent construction. The driver of the excavator operates the drum cutter to mill out the protrusions on the wall surface, which is a very delicate work. The operation of the drum cutter is simple and efficient.

Of course, the application scenarios of the drum cutter are far more than these. It can be used for the excavation of tunnels and roadways and the treatment of walls, tops, corners, contours, grooves, etc.; it can also be used in road engineering, for concrete structures, side trenches It can also be used in water conservancy projects to clean up riverbeds; it is also often used in municipal engineering, excavation or treatment of pipeline trenches, foundations and structures, and damage to Cleaning or demolition of municipal facilities, etc.

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