Axial Drum Cutter for 8-15t Excavator

YD-10RD Yichen® Axial Drum Cutter for 8-15t Excavator. An optimum configuration and cutter bit selection guarantee a high cutting performance and low cutter bit wear. Designed for smooth running, low vibration, and equipment-friendly operation, Drum Cutters are geared to optimum material crushing.

Yichen is a professional drum cutter supplier. The Axial Drum Cutter for 8-15t Excavator YD-10RD integrates a high torque hydraulic motor. transmits power through robust spur gears to the drive shaft to rotate the lubrication-free cutter drums. Its maximum production rate is up to 150 L/min. YD-10RD are ideal for profiling, excavating irregular shapes, cropping piles, trenching smaller widths, removing iron and steel residues, or mixing soils. Milling drums available for different applications and diameters.

Technical Parameter

YD-10RD Axial Drum Cutter
Item Parameters
Excavator 8-15 ton
Max Power Output 50 kW
Max Flow 150 L/min
Recommended Flow 100-150 LPM
Pressure ≤270 bar
Output Torque 6500 Nm@320bar
Output Shaft Speed 95 RPM@100LPM
Cutter Bit 32 pcs
Weight 450 kgs
Note: If oil specification is below 46 centistokes at 40℃(ISO HV46) the performance must be down rated. Please contact YICHEN for further information.


  • YD-10RD Yichen® Axial Drum Cutter for 8-15t Excavator. The structure is simple, easy to use, and can be installed on any hydraulic excavator with oil.
  • Low vibration, low noise, can effectively replace blasting construction in areas with vibration or noise restrictions, and can well protect the environment.
  • Precise control of construction can quickly and accurately trim the contour of the structure.
  • The milled material has a small and uniform particle size and can be directly used as backfill.
  • The working angle can realize the 360°rotation of the drum.
  • The maintenance is convenient, no grease and nitrogen filling are required, and there are no special requirements for the maintenance of the excavator.


  • Tunnels and roadways: excavation and treatment of walls, roofs, corners, contours, trenches, etc.;
  • Road engineering: cutting or excavation of concrete structures, side trenches, slopes and auxiliary facilities, cleaning of damaged cement or asphalt pavements, etc.;
  • Water conservancy project: concrete structure treatment, riverbed cleaning, cleaning or dismantling of damaged structures, etc.;
  • Municipal engineering: excavation or treatment of pipeline trenches, foundations, structures, cleaning or dismantling of damaged municipal facilities, etc.;
  • Open-pit coal mining: excavation and mining of coal mines and mines, etc.


Utility Work




Structure Shaping


Cutter Bit


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