Screening Bucket for 25-35t Excavator

YT-2400 Yichen® Screening Bucket for 25-35t Excavator. It is the equipment you want on-site for large quantities and large volumes. It’s the biggest, strongest, and toughest unit in the range.

Yichen provides various types of screening buckets for purchase. The YT-2400 Screening Bucket for 25-35t Excavator was designed with our constructive approach towards reducing waste and increasing the profitability of the construction site. The ability of YICHEN YS series screening bucket is to adapt to a wide range of job sites and varied types of materials.
It is the ideal solution for those who have to process various kind of waste material, which can be quickly repurposed into re-usable and profitable material.

Technical Parameter

YT-1200 Screening Bucket
Item Parameters
Excavator 25-35 t
Power 131 kw
Weight 2600 kgs
Capacity 2.4 m³
Max. Pressure 345 bar
Rated Pressure 310 bar
Max. Flow 350 lpm
Rated Flow 100-300 lpm
Shaft 4


  • YT-2400 Yichen® Screening Bucket for 25-35t Excavator has high work efficiency, one-step operation to achieve processing operations such as screening, crushing, mixing, and aeration.
  • Considerable profit margins, the processed materials can be recycled, saving material costs.
  • Excellent environmental rating, to achieve energy conservation and waste reduction.
  • Sturdy frame structure, the motor is placed in the frame to avoid external damage and prolong the service life.
  • Efficient power transmission system, using high-quality motors and the world’s leading hydraulic drive technology.
  • The self-cleaning design prevents the equipment from being blocked by materials and can handle materials with high water content.


  • Treatment of waste, broken bark, broken gypsum board.
  • Screening compost and topsoil, sand, soft minerals, separating waste from soil. Treatment of construction/demolition waste, slag, quarry waste, tiles.
  • Treatment of contaminated soil, treatment of soft soil such as sludge and silt.
  • Backfill of screened find soil to pipeline project, asphalt recycle.
  • Reclamation of farmlands, separation of rock and soil.


Compost and Earthwork

Landscape construction

Contaminated Soil Treatment

Fine sifting

Coal Processing



Screening Shaft Crushing and Screening Shaft


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